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Transilvanya – The Fallen Realm by Highlands Miniatures.

Explore the haunting world of Transilvanya – The Fallen Realm with our exceptional collection of Undead Miniatures. These miniatures bring the ghoulish charm of the fallen realm to life with attention to detail and they are objets d’art, carefully printed to boost your tabletop gaming experience. Whether you’re a discerning collector, a passionate hobbyist, or a dedicated gamer, our Undead Miniatures promise unparalleled quality and immersive storytelling. Perfect for tabletop gaming, collectors, and hobbyists, each miniature captures the scary essence of the undead. Our Transilvanya Undead Miniatures stand as quintessential examples of our commitment to excellence. Every miniature is a masterstroke, expertly designed to capture the haunting essence of the undead world. Explore our Transylvania Undead minis and enter a world where darkness meets art.

We offer highly detailed and affordable miniatures and are partnered up with some amazing Digital artists who are producing tons of new models regularly!! Each of our models is made from High-Quality Resin, and we print at a 0.05mm layer height, giving you a stunning finish.

We have removed all the supports, so only a bit of light cleanup before priming and painting from your side is needed. However, some miniatures may require assembly. Models are not painted and come in Grey.

Forged Terrain is a licensed printing partner of Highlands Miniatures

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