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Welcome to Forged Terrain’s collection of 3D printed terrains, Basically designed for tabletop gaming and dungeon tiles. Expand your tabletop and build the ultimate fantasy world with our variety of highly detailed, modular terrain to suit any storyline.

Browse our range of Historical and Fantasy style 3D printed terrain, from Aztec ruins to Elven portals and Dwarven Brewhouse – we’ve got it all. Overall Designed to bring your imagination to life and our terrain is compatible with the likes of Frost grave, Dungeons & Dragons, Fantasy, and many more.

High-Quality and Diversity

Our Terrain Pieces collection offers an impressive selection of miniatures that can elevate your gaming scheme to the next level. Also, you have the option to select from a various range of scenery, models and elements to craft gaming setting and each model is crucial in constructing a realistic gaming experience.

On to the next, whether you’re a wise gamer, a fan of imaginative storytelling, or a collector of miniatures, our collection offers a world of potential to ignite your creativity and take your gaming sessions to the next level.

Consider the endless potential of our Terrain collection, available exclusively at Forged Terrain. Each miniature is carefully chosen for its exceptional quality and attention to detail, ensuring an authentic and ideal combination into your gaming world.

Versatility and Uniqueness

With our collection, you can shape landscapes, create obstacles, and build worlds that come alive. Own a piece of this versatile and engaging collection, where the possibilities are as vast as your imagination, and each miniature unlocks a new level of excitement and immersion.

Affordable 3D Printed Terrain

As hobbyists ourselves, we believe that 3D printed terrain shouldn’t break the bank. That’s why all our terrain pieces cost affordable prices, without compromising on quality or detail. Forged Terrain is a Printable Scenery UK Licensed printer, and our terrain is printed to order in the UK near Brighton. Bring your tabletop to life in volume and detail like never before, and build the ultimate unique fantasy world for tabletop gaming.

Benefits Of FDM 3D Printed Models

Tired of having to remove a cage of sprues from your model before you can assemble and even begin to think about painting it? At Forged Terrain we print our terrain using Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) 3D printers, which means there won’t be any sprues for you to contend with when you receive your terrain. FDM 3D Printers are perfect for producing your custom terrain models as they allow for a larger, more robust print. When it comes to our larger pieces of terrain, for example this Demonhelm fortress, you will find that the model will come with several separate parts that require minimal assembly. Each model terrain is 3D printed in a grey PLA filament. All you’ll need to do before painting your new terrain is check for any plastic stringing and assemble the pieces (this should be a quick and simple process). You can find out more about our print process on our FDM vs SLA Printed models explained page.

Modular Terrain

Modular terrain is an amazing way to access all parts of a model during a game, for example with the Port Tavern model where each section can be stacked for better model placements. Why not combine ruined models like the Ruined Observatory with their un-ruined Observatory counterpart model  – with parts being interchanged to show damage over time to the structures during a match.


All terrain is printed at a standard size of 28mm. However, if this isn’t exactly what you are looking for feel free to get in touch to request your 3d printed model to be scaled to your custom size.

Ordering & Returns

Printing times may vary depending on the size or type of order. However, once printed we will do our best to ensure orders will be dispatched by the next day. If you have any questions along the way please don’t hesitate to contact us. Returns accepted within 30 days. For full details please see our Terms & Conditions.

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