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Conquistador Ogres

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In this category, you can find a selection of highly detailed and well-made 3D printed miniatures featuring fierce Conquistador Ogres.

Inspired by the legendary ogres and the Spanish conquistadors, these miniatures capture the fierce and formidable spirit of these historical warriors. Armed with authentic armor and weapons, and posed in a dynamic action pose charging into battle, these ogres are ready for action!

But the possibilities don’t stop there – let your imagination run wild with this miniature. Whether you’re a fan of fantasy or history, the intricate details is sure to make a statement in any collection.

We’ve made our Conquistador Ogre miniatures with high-quality resin to ensure they are durable and long-lasting. They also have a lot of detail, showcasing the Conquistador Ogres’ fierce and savage nature.

Check out our selection and consider adding some Conquistador Ogres to your collection today!